Kelso Energy Ltd.

Our objective is to be a disrupter in the Green Energy sector by providing proven, dependable and economical solutions to growing sustainable energy markets in Ontario Canada. We believe that with our patented designed VAWT we have a solution for the majority of the telecom sector and can fulfill the energy demands for small to mid markets.  

Bergey Wind Power

The original design of the world renown Bergey Excel 10kW turbine featured only three moving parts, and minimal service/inspection intervals. Backed by the industry’s longest warranty, the Excel 10 turbine compiled an envied global record of proven performance, service life and value.

We thought we had achieved “perfection”; until we proved ourselves wrong with the launch of the Bergey Excel 15. With only two moving parts, a 31-foot rotor diameter, carbon fiber blades, and state-of-the-art technology, the Excel 15 is on a class of its own. It will out-perform most 20k wind turbines in the market at a cost of ownership that is truly budget friendly.  

Primuswind Power

  • Reliability:  5-year warranty with over 150,000 units installed globally since 1995
  • Up Tower Controller:  Integrated controls inside the wind turbine regulate battery voltage
  • Ease of Installation:  Air is wired directly to battery bank, independent of PV controller and wiring
  • Certifications:  CSA approved to UL and CSA specifications*
  • Quiet Operation**