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Our Solar Products include panels, modules, BIPV, Inverters, Charge Controllers, Mounting Solutions and E-panels.



We sell wind turbines, charge controllers, towers and more.


Additional Products

We offer additional products including Micro-Hydro, BioFuel Devices, Generators, Steel Roofing, LED Lighting, EV Charger, Battery Banks, Energy efficiency fans and more.


About Bur Oak Resources

Our main company goal is to provide green technology to our customer at fair prices. We do this by searching out technology that is both green, and provides a cost effective and provides a cost effective solution for customers who want to be part of the "Green Movement" or even put a little green in their pocket at the same time. Please take some time to look through our "Products page" and feel free to contact us with any questions, or to book an assessment.

Check our Solar Panel Modules (Ground Mount, Off Grid) Turbine, Net Metering solutions.

And More
Professional Installation

Our Services

Site Analysis

Every successful installation starts with a detailed, quality site analysis. Get our years of experience, construction know how and our specialized tools working for you from the beginning with a quality site analysis. We use specialized, quality site assessment tools from Solmetric for example to take the guesswork out of your project.

System design and consultation

2 main guiding philosophy's have served us well; 1) design systems with as few points of failure as possible and you will have the fewest possible failures, 2) design systems that are efficient and they will perform efficiently. All while making the best equipment available to our customers and continuing to keep abreast of the latest developments. We make solutions that work.

Building Packages

Want a rooftop solar system, but don't have a good roof for it, or need a place to install a system and don't have a building there yet? No problem, we work with quality building partners and can supply a complete package that includes that extra building space you wanted , or we can prebuild a movable building solution and drop it in place for instant solar-fication.

Grid-Tie Systems

Are you connected to the grid but want to disconnect from your bill? We can help you gain energy independence and even reach Net-Zero. Are you connected to the grid and want Peace of Mind and protection from power outages we have multiple solutions for this as well. Even both combined so that your investment will work for you all the time.

Off-Grid Systems

Do you want to power a remote luxury home, a modest camp, a commercial site, or even just remote security or lights. We have multiple solutions for you. No project is too big, or small we can power them all.

Commissioning Equipment

Whether you need a site Commissioned prior to first operation, as an independent verification, or as part of an annual ongoing maintenance plan we have the tools to get it done efficiently and gain the insight you require. We use specialized, commissioning tools from Solmetric, Fluke, and Megger for example to find and fix problems before they become problems.

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