Power-generating stove

This which has no match. These are solid fuel heating and cooking stoves with a built-in thermal electric generator which transforms the thermal energy of burned fuel into electric power. While working in its primary mode that is heating and cooking the stove generates a direct electric current of 12 Volts and up to 60 Watts.

Is 60 Watts much or little?

For comfort-coddled urban dweller this is probably not much. For a man who happened for some reason to be cut off from civilized environment and modern amenities it is a lot. At times these life-saving 60 Watts may prove critical. With today’s level of energy saving technologies this capacity is sufficient to provide power to a wide range of electrical devices. In the Far North electricity obtained from heat has a number of evident advantages as compared to electricity sourced from wind power, solar panels or diesel generators. It is easy to imagine conditions with no wind, sun or diesel supply.

What to connect?

The electricity generated by the stove is sufficient to power 2 or 3 energy saving bulbs, charge a notebook battery, or that of a cellular or satellite telephone, a radio, DVD player or other portable energy-saving devices. The electric generator enters a stable mode just 10-15 minutes after fuel starts burning in the stove.

Who and where would need one?

Obviously the electricity generating stoves are necessary in emergency situations and may be attractive for fishermen, hunters, campers, travelers, nomads and others who need heating, hot food and energy in cold climatic conditions and isolation.