Bur Oak 

Bur Oak Resources is named firstly after the Mighty Bur Oak tree.  Sometimes spelled Burr or Burl the name refers to the Bur Oak tree (we will save you from trying to pronounce the scientific name).  The Bur Oak tree was chosen to serve as our namesake for it's outstanding qualities.   The Bur Oak tree is majestic and makes an outstanding ornamental tree. It is not all good looks however. The Bur Oak tree is one of the most tolerant of urban conditions of the white oaks, and is one of the fastest-growing of the group.  It is also a fire-resistant tree, and possesses significant drought resistance by virtue of a long taproot. New trees may, after two to three years of growth, possess a 1–2 m deep taproot.  It is one of the most massive oaks with a trunk diameter of up to 3 m (10 ft) and growing up to 30 m (100 ft), occasionally 37 m (120 ft) in height. 


Bur Oak Resources is named secondly after renewable resources.  A renewable resource is one that is a natural resource and is replenished by a natural process (mother nature) with the passage of time.

Solar radiation, Wind , running Water and Biomass are Renewable resources that can be harnessed as renewable energy sources.


Legal stuff, we are an Incorporated Canadian company, not a franchise, but home-grown and based right here in beautiful North Bay Ontario.


Our main company goal is to provide green technology to our customer at fair prices.  We do this by searching out technology that is both green, and provides a cost effective solution for customers who want to be part of the "Green Movement" or even put a little green in their pocket at the same time.  Please take some time to look through our "Products page" and feel free to contact us with any questions, or to book an assessment.


Having the guiding principle that the Customers' needs ALWAYS come first have caused a few of the themes you may notice while browsing our site and hopefully making the decision to choose us.  Providing you with as many choices as possible ,we feel, is the key to finding the technology solution that best fits your needs. We will not sell technology that is not suitable, or the wrong fit just to make a sale, WE PROMISE.  We also endeavor to remove all the stress from you by taking you through the process step-by-step and taking care of all the hassles for you.  This includes all permitting, and even helping secure the financing if you choose.


Bur Oak Resources is committed to the following guiding principles;

  • We will act in an environmentally responsible manner and respect the environment in all aspects of our business.
  • We will value and respect our Customers, their opinions and their needs.
  • We will find the correct answer if we do not know it.
  • We will act in the interest of both our Customers', and our, long-term interests.  
  • We will not criticize our competition.