WESTMAN STEEL and the WESTMAN GROUP of companies have been servicing Canada’s Agricultural Industry for over 50 years. From roof and wall cladding, to flashing and fasteners, WESTMAN STEEL offers a full array of agricultural related products essential for the industry. Agricultural applications include, but are not limited to, Barns, Stables, Greenhouses, Chicken Coops, Haylofts.


The increase in popularity and growth of Residential Steel Roofing has increased the demand for WESTMAN STEEL roof product lines. Originally, steel roofing was prominently used in the construction of agricultural structures, but more diverse and aesthetic profiles have changed consumer perceptions and knowledge of steel roofing benefits such as low maintenance and longer life cycles. Along with factory roll-formed metal roofs, WESTMAN STEEL also offers a full range of stone coated, and non-stone coated, shakes and shingles. Residential applications include, but are not limited to, Houses, Apartment / Condominium Blocks, High Rise / Low Rise Towers, Garages, Boathouses, and Storage Sheds.


Although the strength of WESTMAN STEEL is derived from its agricultural roots, its diverse product offering now extends well into all types of commercial applications. With the growth of steel roofing and wall assemblies, WESTMAN STEEL products have become fundamental elements in the construction industry for Warehouses, Manufacturing Plants, Department Stores, Office Buildings, Factories, Schools, and Hospitals.


Achieving rooftop architectural expressions is easy with WESTMAN STEEL roofing products. From basic sheet steel cladding to SnapLok Roofing panels, and on to more sophisticated steel shingles with, or without, stone-coating. All products offer advanced benefits, such as long service lives, easy installation, and little maintenance over traditional roofing materials. All products listed are available in a variety of colours and finishes.


WESTMAN STEEL cladding is available in a variety of profiles, gauges, and colours. Our steel sheets offer the ultimate coverage and durability for both roofing and siding to suit a wide array of styles for Agricultural, Residential and Commercial applications.

PVC / Polycarbonate

WESTMAN STEEL offers a number of products in PVC and Polycarbonate. From traditional building liner packages to translucent and light transmitting panels, our PVC and Polycarbonate products offer a lightweight, durable, cost effective alternative to traditional glazing applications, and traditional liner applications, for all your Agricultural, Residential and Commercial needs.

Door Systems

WESTMAN STEEL offers a full range of Door Systems, products, and accessories required for your Agricultural and Commercial needs. From BiFolding and Sliding door options, to Roll Up and Man Doors, we have different options available in various sizes and configurations.

EDCO Residential Products

Since 1946, EDCO has made an unrelenting commitment to providing our Customers with highly innovative products, that deliver the Industry’s best quality, from a team that will stop at nothing to ensure complete satisfaction with your experience from EDCO. Innovative designs and colours, backed by the Industry's best Warranty. Make WESTMAN STEEL and EDCO Your First Choice for Exterior Building Solutions!

Trims, Fasteners, Closures & Accessories

Offering a full range of Trim, Fasteners and Accessories designed to complete, and compliment, your buildings appeal, WESTMAN STEEL along with our valued Supplier partners, also have the products you need to finish your project, and protect your investment. From Sealer Tape to Closures, Fasteners to Masterflash, not to mention our industry leading 10’6” standard trim length, make WESTMAN STEEL your provider of choice today.”