Bur Oak Resources offers a wide range of professional services. Whether you're just starting to research the benefits of renewable energy or need to stream-line / troubleshoot an installation, we have the knowledge and experience to help!

Site Analysis

We work with you to assess your current electrical system, energy needs and determine the most effective location for the renewable energy system.

System Design

With the results from our initial consultation, our experts will design a system to meet your energy needs and budget.

Custom Residential

Our custom residential installations are designed to meet your specific energy needs. Choosing the right components / products for your home ( water pump, fridge, HVAC ) is the first step to designing a system which will provide true energy independence. Let our experts guide you to right products! We don't sell water pumps or HVAC systems, but are happy to recommend components to help you get the best value from your investment in a renewable energy system. 

Bur Oak is an Authorized Dealer for Unique off-grid fridges and stoves.   

Commercial Installations

Small businesses and a large companies can both benefit from a properly designed and installed renewable energy system. Fixed energy costs for the future, eliminating Time of Use (TOU) rates and a steady ROI along with an enhanced public image of your business.

Net Metering Systems

Save on energy costs by generating renewable energy and feeding it into the grid. Net Metering systems are designed to produce the same amount of energy you typically consume annually. That energy is then credited to your utility bill, which reduces your bill based on the amount of energy produced. The goal of a properly designed Net Metering system is to reduce your energy bill to zero. 

Off-grid Systems

Provide the energy for any isolated project, building, home cottage or cabin. Security systems with DVR / online access and automatic Cummins generator back-up. Monitor your off-grid property with your phone or tablet!


Ensures a completed or existing installation is safe, performing as designed and identifies any components that are potentially defective. 

Operations and Maintenance (O&M) 

Performance Monitoring / Reporting. Upgrade / equipment integration. SCADA, Site Maintenance, Repairs. Service Contracts for installations throughout Ontario.