Cummins home, small commercial/large home standby

The QuietConnect™ series of home standby generators is enhanced with features – like weather protective, sound insulated enclosures – for a best-in-class 65dB or lower noise, approximately the same volume as a normal conversation.

Cummins generators are engineered, tested, and manufactured in the USA.

  • Designed to Be Extremely Quiet
    QuietConnect™ home standby generator models are designed and tested at our world-class Sound-Testing Facility. Unique, attractive enclosures and patented sound technology suppress engine noise to its lowest possible level.
  • Remote Diagnostics Capabilities
    There are a number of options available for you to control your generator: A. The in-home display allows you to monitor your QuietConnect™ home standby generator from the comfort of your home. B. Super-convenient remote monitoring from your computer or mobile device lets you know when and how your generator is running from almost anywhere. Our Connect Cloud mobile app puts the power in your hands.
  • Incredibly Efficient Operation
    Capable of running on clean-burning liquid propane or natural gas. Provides the right amount of power needed to keep your life running seamlessly through intelligent controlling of your home’s circuits. Extremely fuel-efficient operation and no-start exercise mode* for fewer emissions and more environmentally friendly performance (*available on certain models).
  • Extremely Compact Design
    The compact size of the 13kW,17kW and 20kW models means the generator can be installed as close as 18 inches away from your home. Aesthetically pleasing appearance helps it easily blend into nearly any landscape.
  • Designed for Durability
    The robust design and unique enclosure help these generators handle harsh weather conditions. The cold-start capabilities allow the generator to provide backup power even when temperatures plummet.
  • Intelligent Load Management
    Integrated into air-cooled products up to 20kW, intelligent load management allows you to protect your entire home by turning equipment on and off based on your needs and priorities. This technology can enable full house protection by allowing you to invest in a smaller generator. Click here to learn more.
  • Customizable Backup Power Solutions
    Field-Selectable Natural Gas or Propane, automatic transfer switches, cold weather kit, load management kit and more are available to customize your backup power needs.

Cummins Portables

Designed to go wherever you do, the new advanced portable inverter and dual-fuel generators by Cummins bring together efficiency, durability and performance. These three versatile and reliable products are all backed by the Cummins global support network to ensure that you’ll always have power when and where you need it most.