DEGERtraker 9000NT & 6000NT


01. Experience leads to progression – as we have proven in practice since 1999

02. Maximum additional yields – DEGERtraker up to 45%, TOPtraker up to 30% more than fixed systems

03. Also suitable for desert and equatorial regions

04. Minimal own consumption – well-engineered mechanics make it possible to use cost-effective mini DC motors

05. Short assembly times

06. TÜV tested and certified

07. Robust: Most grueling stress tests of the Stuttgart Materials Testing Institute (MAP)

08. Flexible assembly system – suitable for all standard module and inverter types

09. Minimum maintenance outlay

10. Extremely long life span

11. 99.9% recyclable due to an aluminum and steel construction

12. Low shipping costs

13. Impressive value







K-FLASH™ is a 100% mechanically watertight flashing.

Textured, powder-coated black finish blends well with all asphalt.

Made of aluminum, K-FLASH™ is lightweight and easy to install between roof-mount block.






K-RACK™ is manufactured from high-strength, commercial grade extruded aluminum and packaged with stainless steel hardware.

K-RACK™ allows for quick installation and easy cable.

K-RACK™ is a complete solar panel racking system that is ideal for asphalt and steel pitched roofs, ground mounts, agricultural, commercial and industrial flat roofs. Our system can also be used to roof-mount satellite dishes.






Innovative Technology  

Proven success

207 successful projects & 14 megawatts

Installations in 27 states, Canada and Europe

Customers include Fortune 500, corporate, education, government, medical and retail end users

More power

35? angle increases kilowatt hour production by 10-20% over standard systems (Ballast-based competitors can't exceed 20?)

Higher annual power production provides higher return on investment SolarDock can be produced from 15 to 35? angles

Supports incentives and PPA providers valuing annual power production over power density

Next-generation technology

120 MPH wind certified (ASCE 7-05)

California DSA pre-check approved

Made in U.S. and Canada

OPA Fit compliant in Canada

Lightweight - system averages less than 5 pounds/sf in 90 mph wind zones

Dock ventilation ensures no energy degradation due to heat buildup

Fixed asset with no moving parts

Aesthetic design


Only truly non-penetrating system

System protects both the surface membrane and the structure

Foam supports dock and ballast - no metal touches the roof

Weight is distributed broadly and evenly

No sharp metal edges or unprotected CMU blocks

Dock allows for unrestricted water drainage

Easy to pull apart to move or access roof

Protects the panel and wires

Panels sit on upper and lower edges of docks only, preventing micro-fissures and stress fractures in panels.

SolarDock encapsulates DC wires, protecting them from UV rays and bird/rodent damage

Wiring and ballast are encapsulated - protected and hidden - but still easily accessible




ISYS Ground Mount 


Designed to deliver the most cost effective systems with the most responsive and scalable supply chain, ISYS Ground Mount has an industry leading installation rate of more than 10 modules per man-hour.  

The extreme strength to weight ratio of components make IGM the clear choice for large scale PV projects.  

IGM is assembled in the field, not built. The components require zero fabrication – no field welding, drilling, or cutting. Through smart design and pre-fabricated sub-assemblies, IGM is one of the fastest systems to install with the least amount of labor.  

Optimized for projects ranging from 500 kilowatts to gigawatts, IGM structural materials come from a single source specifically packed and custom designed for each customer’s module and site conditions. Unirac recommends ULA for projects under 500kW.  

Warranty terms are defined in project sales agreements.





Features and Benefits


No roof penetrations – eliminates potential for leakage to building interior  

  • Light weight – Weighs less than 3 lbs/sq. foot including the PV panel, therefore no structural strengthening is required
  • Easy to install – The Sunmount is manufactured almost as a complete unit requiring the minimum amount of components and effort to install. This eliminates disruption and decreases installation time
  • Wind tunnel tested and certifed to withstand a wind speed of 180 km/h or 112 mph
  • Aesthetics – fush modules in the mount give an integrated appearance
  • Modular Construction – The SunMount is designed as a wedge shaped modular mounting unit, which can be interlocked with other units to form an integrated solar array of any shape or size
  • 10 degree optimum tilt angle – The angle of the SunMount has been optimized to maximize the watts per sq. foot and the lower profile prevents the danger of increased roof loads due to snow drifting
  • Pressure equalization vents – vents at the top of the SunMount ensure modular stability at high wind, air circulation and module cooling
  • Easy to disassemble so repairs and roof maintenance can be carried out
  • Protects the roof from UV and thermal cycling. Total coverage of the roof by the solar array protects the roof from the harmful effects of the sun and extends roof life. Also increases the R-value, reducing energy usage
  • Manufactured in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada
  • Third party engineering reports available upon request
  • SunMount is manufactured and distributed in Canada by Solion Canada